Loans to Bad Payers: How to get them!


Looking among the various funds to find your style? Are you reported in the list of Bad Payers ? Whether dependent or retired, can help you! Request a free loan quote to bad payers , one of consultants at your disposal.

Fill out the form above and within 24 hours you will be contacted for all the details of your financing. Getting finance today is possible even if bad payers, but as said before this possibility is granted only to employees or pensioners.

The loans dedicated to bad payers are the transfer of the fifth and the delegation of payment . They can request both only employees are financed, while retirees can only request the assignment of the fifth.

Good morning, my name is Carmelo and I write from Catania.
I turn out bad payers in crif , so I wanted to ask if there is any way even for bad payers to apply for funding. To many of my friends it happened to be refused funding because they were bad payers and many too. My colleagues are in this situation, or they can not get funding because they have been reported as bad payers.

However, it seems to me that some of these had found a solution, but I do not remember how. I can not explain why it is not possible for bad payers to get funding, if those who are among the bad payers want to fix their position as they should? I have always paid all my loans regularly but because of the crisis I found myself reported among the bad payers. Is there therefore a solution?
I would really like to have a positive response, so as to also help my colleagues and friends. Now it’s so much that I’m running for the internet and in vain banks. even the bank with which I have the mortgage closed the doors in my face! Please help me.

Thanks , Carmelo.

Unfortunately it is true that for bad payers it is impossible to get financing because the credit institutions check   in the databases the presence of negative reports before evaluating the loan request. If the applicant is indeed among the bad payers , his requests for funding will be automatically rejected.

However, if you work as an employee, you may still request the assignment of the fifth salary and / or the delegation of payment , two loans that are repaid by payroll deduction.

Both these loans   they can also be requested by bad payers   because the deduction on the salary constitutes a guarantee already in itself.